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  1. Purchase Your Special Promo Gift Card:

    • Select and purchase the gift card matching the special promotional price for your desired treatment.

    • Ensure your purchase aligns with the special offer pricing to secure your discounted session.

  2. Book Your Preferred Spot:

    • After purchasing the gift card, promptly book your preferred date and time for your skin treatment.

    • Securing your spot ensures availability and convenience for your visit.

  3. Redeem Your Gift Card in Person:

    • When visiting our clinic in 2024, present your purchased gift card to redeem your skin treatment at the promotional price.

    • Please note that the price will return to the regular rate after the promotional period ends.

📌 Important: Please Note: - You must present your gift card details on-site; otherwise, you won't be permitted to avail the treatment at the special promotional price​

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