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About Nurse Nyma

Introducing Nyma (the name behind the business)


Nyma is a registered Nurse with a passion for medical aesthetics.

With a beauty career spanning over 10 years as a beauty therapist and makeup artist, a Bachelor of Nursing and ex cosmetic tattoo artist, Nyma now focuses her business on specialising in the field of hair and skin science and cosmetic injectables. Nyma is particularly passionate about offering her clients safe and natural (autologous) regenerative therapies using platelet rich plasma, skin boosters, microneedling and LED.

Outside of her personal business, Nurse Nyma received a post graduate qualification in dermoscopy and works for Skin Smart Australia and Spotscreen performing corporate skin cancer checks in Queensland.

Nurse Nyma|hair and skin science brisbane

"Where cosmetic integrity
meets clinical excellence"

With her thirst for learning and completing her training with distinctions, she brings the latest techniques, skills and safe practices for her clients. With her background as a makeup artist and cosmetic tattoo artist, she has a flair for understanding your face and knowing how to use her skills to bring symmetry and enhance youthful features.

Nurse Nyma Aesthetics is the culmination of the passion, knowledge and skills developed throughout this journey. Nyma appreciates that everyone is unique and hopes that those who have concerns about their appearance will feel comfortable discussing these issues in the privacy of her clinic at Milque Spa. 

Please feel free to message with any questions you may have and she will do her best to put your mind ease.


Alternatively, book now and together, lets enhance a greater version of you. 

Let’s bring out the best version of you!

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