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NEW TGA Cosmetic Advertising Restrictions Australia

The cosmetic injectables industry experienced a massive shakeup over Christmas after a letter from the TGA was published announcing stricter rules for cosmetic advertising. Effective immediately, the TGA revoked approval for the use of terms such as "antiwrinkle injections" and "dermal filler". Instead these terms must be replaced with "our clinic can provide consultation for reducing the appearance of wrinkles".

According to the TGA, the reasoning behind these changes is to “ensure the consistent application of the legislation related to the advertising of therapeutic goods across all industry sectors”.

As a cosmetic injector, I respect that these changes do pertain to the cosmetic advertising of schedule 4 drugs which have dangerous implications if not managed seriously. However, it is evident that these changes mean clients need to work harder to try and decode phrases to understand what clinics can and cannot offer.

Clients had only began to adjust to the last sweep of advertising restrictions which said we could only use the above terms. With an immediate effect, it is forcing cosmetic injectors like myself into a creative writing frenzie updating information and trying to get the message across without using explicit terms that could cost us thousands of dollars in fines.

While I am not for nor against these changes, it is mandatory that these standards are upheld and implemented ASAP. It is undeniable that these new advertising laws are the strictest in the world and I hope that clients seeking these services aren't confused or deterred from my services and (if suitable) can enjoy the aesthetic benefits that cosmetic injectables has to offer.

Please bear with us cosmetic injectors and aesthetic practitioners as we implement these changes and I hope to see you in clinic very soon!

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Nurse Nyma

Registered Nurse / Aesthetics

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