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Only $250 per treatment
*Upgrade to include skin booster & antiwrinkle $350 ($550 per treatment). See video below! *limited time only*

Under Eye Treatment

- Advanced platelet rich plasma collection (PRP)
- Superficial micro-needling

- PRP injections
- Brightening serum + LED
$350 per treatment

UPGRADE: Include skin booster & antiwrinkle $350

Package of 3...........................................$1,000
Package of 5...........................................$1,500

The PRP system used during this treatment has the highest average platelet collection count of 4.4 billion platelets and 95.2% purity per treatment - currently the highest in the world for small 20ml collection!

Do you find your general eye area looks tired all of the time? Do you have dark circles under your eyes or sunken tear troughs? Have you considered dermal filler but worry about the risks?  Congratulations, you have come to the right place to transform your under eyes (and look less tired)!

Nurse Nyma understands the growing need for a more youthful under eye appearance but many treatments produce varied to little result. There are a number of reasons why our delicate under eye area have dark circles, appear sunken and develop fine lines that spread across the cheek bone. Lack of sleep, dehydration, poor circulation, genetics and collagen depletion are common explanations. Iron deficiency can also cause dark circles under the eyes.

Designed specifically by Nurse Nyma, this four-tiered treatment is cutting-edge and industry leading when it comes to under eye rejuvenation!


Treating the under eyes with PRP, skin needling, serum and LED in one treatment is scientifically powered to reduce the appearance of sunken tear throughs, fine lines and reduce dark circles. Platelet injections offer a powerhouse of regeneration factors to plump, nourish and restore the balance to the delicate eye area. Microneedling is a excellent way to induce new collagen synthesis of the skin and tackle fine lines. Super serum with LED accelerates the efficacy of the plasma whilst improving serum absorption and reduces the appearance of bruising caused from the injections and microneedling. Upgrade to include anti-wrinkle and skin booster for $350!

Common side effects of treatment include bleeding, bruising and swelling. Swelling will resolve within 24 hours however mild bruising can last up to seven days. To avoid bruising it is recommended to cease blood thinning supplements and alcohol a few days prior and avoid caffeine on the day. Blood thinning supplements include turmeric, fish oil and St Johns-Wort.


  • Results show one month after the first treatment and the collagen matrix continues to rebuild up to two years. A series of at least two treatments is recommended one month apart. However, three treatments may be prescribed for the initial phase of regeneration.

  • This treatment is completed with medical oversight and results will vary per person.

  • To maximise results, it is important to understand and address the underlying cause of under eye presentations and use quality maintenance products at home - including sunscreen!

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