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Offer PRP skin rejuvenation Brisbane-2024

Ultimate Skin Glow and Define

- Advanced platelet rich plasma collection (PRP)
- Micro-needling full face 
- PRP Infusion - full face

$550 per treatment

*medical anesthesia included
Package of 3...........................................$1,500
Package of 5...........................................$2,500

This advanced three tiered medi-facial is a combination of collagen induction therapy mixed with a powerhouse of regenerative factors that rebuilds and renews skin cells at the deepest layers for maximum result. Percutaneous collagen induction therapy (skin needling) creates a micro injury to the skin which signals your bodies immune response to send inflammation to the skin cells and feeds it nutrients, growth factors, stem cells and produces more collagen. Once the skin has been pierced with tiny micro incisions the plasma collected will be infused into the deep layers of the skin to transform and regenerate skin cells on the cellular level. 

The PRP system used during this treatment has the highest average platelet collection count of 4.4 billion platelets and 95.2% purity per treatment - currently the highest in the world for a small and gentle blood collection of just 20mL per treatment
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Is it painful?

At the appointment, numbing cream will be applied to the  face for 30 minutes. This numbing cream is the very strong! During the treatment it is common to feel prickling sensations on the face  however it should not be painful. Most clients report 2/10 pain.

Overtime as  we age our skin cells become dormant or damaged, collagen induction is designed to reawaken these cells. The plasma that is infused provides a secondary powerhouse of regenerative factors to nourish and repair skin cells.  Together with LED, the skin is healing, repairing and regenerating to produce more collagen and healthy skin.  

Who should get this treatment?

This treatment is very safe because we are using your own body to regenerate your cells and produce collagen. Therefore it is suitable for most people! Ideal candidates include aged sagging skin, fine/deep lines, pigmentation (not melasma) and acne scarring.


Since we are creating a micro injury and stimulating inflammation, this treatment is not suitable for anyone with the following:


- Fighting an exiting infection, cold sores, shingles etc.

- Diabetes Type One (unless cleared by a GP prior) 

- Pregnant or breastfeeding

- On corticosteroids (thins the skin)

- Recently had facial surgery

- Recently had dermal filler or antiwrinkle to the face (4 weeks clearance required)

- Caution with anticoagulants

- Caution with history of Keloid scars

- Fighting an existing infection

How long is downtime and when will results show?

There will be facial redness which can last 24-48 hours. It is recommended not to put makeup on for 48 hours to allow the skin to fully regenerate. Therefore this treatment is best before a weekend/subsequent day off work with minimal social events for 48 hours.  

Results with show after a 48 hour period, the skin will appear plump, hydrated and glow! Collagen induction is a journey and it takes 28 days for skin cells to turn over. The cells continue to build collagen up to two years after the first treatment. Therefore, to accelerate results a series of treatments is recommended followed by a six month or yearly touch up. 

For maximum results, a series of treatments is required as the skin  cells undergo bootcamp for a more youthful glow!! 

Important Information

  • Drink PLENTY of water leading up to your appointment!

  • If you have any concerns, please book in for a free consultation prior to treatment.

  • All treatments at Nurse Nyma Aesthetics include medical oversight, however we are all unique and we recommend consulting with your primary physician to see if this treatment is suitable for you. 

  • Your blood/plasma IS your medication! It is recommended to have a healthy fat free diet leading up to treatments - avoid fatty foods and alcohol 48 hours prior.

  • If you are fighting an infection, it is recommended to reschedule your appointment due to poor plasma.

  • Cease smoking seven days prior to treatment.

  • Avoid consuming Aspirin, Motrin, Advil, Nurofen, Vitamin E, Ginko Biloba, Tumeric, Fish Oil, Garlic pills or any other anti-inflammatory medications for 1-2 weeks prior as they can increase the risk of bruising. Only stop these medications if approved by your treating physician. 

  • This treatment is not suitable for people with blood disorders, chronic liver disease, malignancy, pregnancy and undertaking anti-coagulation therapy.

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